About Jesh

A Guy Who Loves To Grow Things

Who I am

I’m a passionate, dedicated, and motivated master grower with over 25 years of successful experience managing, teaching, streamlining and innovating all aspects of cannabis cultivation practices. 

What I love to do

I love to grow things! All kinds of things, whether it be cannabis, Japanese vegetables, peppers, mushrooms, and everything in between.
I also love to read books, watch movies, play board games, fly my paramotor, and ride my Onewheel.

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My Expertise

  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Grow Room Set-Up
  • Equipment & Technology
  • Lighting
  • Organic & Hydro Systems
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Watering & Flushing
  • Cloning & Propagation
  • Healthy Root Growth
  • Topping & Defoliation
  • Potting & Transplanting
  • Soil Mixtures & Nutrients
  • Microbes & Rhizosphere
  • PPM, pH & EC Calculations
  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Harvesting & Trimming
  • Curing & Proper Storage
  • Mother Plant Care
  • Flowering Schedules
  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance Tracking
  • Clean Room Protocols
  • Grow Cycle Management

How I can help you succeed

I possess a strong knowledge of grow room set-up, operations, cost control, compliance, and process optimization. I also have a diverse understanding of production requirements, climactic controls, nutrients, pest prevention, and overall crop management. I am consistently recognized for improving systems, streamlining processes, and achieving increased yields. I’m familiar with many modern growing systems and technologies as well as applicable laws and regulations in California.

How did I get here?

After suffering from chronic migraines for years, I was ready to try anything. Aspirin wasn’t cutting it, and the medications my doctor prescribed left me with awful stomach aches. Then one day, an article caught my eye — cannabis had been helping many people manage their migraines without side effects! After mustering up enough courage, I decided to take a leap of faith and give cannabis a shot…and much to my amazement – it worked like magic!

That day was a game-changer! I found the secret to ending my migraines and couldn’t wait to share it. However, while cannabis held the promise of relief, affording quality medication posed its own challenge. But that wouldn’t stop me: After years of growing vegetables in our backyard garden – How hard could it be? It turns out… vegetable gardening and cannabis cultivation are very different things…

With my medical card and dreams of homegrown success, I planted my first cannabis crop in my backyard. Unfortunately, when it came time to harvest and sample – pure dismay! Instead of colorful trichome-laden buds like those from the dispensary, mine was dry and harsh on inhale. But this fledgling struggle sparked an interest that led to more learning about growing successfully, which has since become one of life’s great passions.

After boldly bringing my operation inside, I dove into intense study and experimentation for an entire year. I was scouring through every book on indoor growing – from cover to cover! Suddenly, my homegrown flowers were even better than anything found in stores nearby.

After starting out growing for a small co-op, I soon found myself teaching patients how to cultivate cannabis in their own homes. Eventually, my journey took me to the Coachella Valley, where I’ve been growing 20 thousand plants annually for a licensed operation supplying some of California’s top brands. It’s been quite the ride!

Ready To Grow Your Own Cannabis At Home?