About Jesh

A Guy Who Loves Technology

Who I am

I’m a passionate, dedicated, and motivated master grower with over 25 years of successful experience managing, teaching, streamlining and innovating all aspects of indoor cultivation practices. 

What I love to do

I love to grow things! All kinds of things, whether it be cannabis, Japanese vegetables, peppers, mushrooms, and everything in between.
I also love to read books, watch movies, play board games, fly my paramotor, and ride my Onewheel.

My Expertise

  • Grow Room Set-Up
  • Equipment & Technology
  • Lighting

About Me: A Journey Through Tech and Imagination

As someone who thrives on the intersection of technology, indoor plant cultivation, and the rhythm of music, I’ve crafted a unique professional and personal narrative that is as engaging as it is diverse.

A Child of the 80s: Roots in Pop Culture

Growing up in the vibrant 1980s, I was immersed in a decade that celebrated the rise of technology and the explosion of sci-fi culture. This era sparked a lifelong love affair with all things tech and science fiction. It’s no surprise that some of my favorite sci-fi books and movies include:

  • Ready Player One: A thrilling dive into a virtual reality universe that echoes my fascination with how technology shapes our future.
  • The Three-Body Problem: A compelling saga exploring complex scientific concepts and extraterrestrial contact, feeding my curiosity about the cosmos.
  • Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter: Epic tales of magic and adventure that transport readers to fantastical realms, much like my own journey through the imaginative landscapes of sci-fi.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: A game that embodies the spirit of imagination and strategy, elements that are crucial in both my personal and professional life.
  • Aliens: A film that combines tension, technology, and extraterrestrial intrigue, mirroring my eclectic interests.

Professional Pathways: From Plant Cultivation to the DJ Booth

My professional journey is a testament to versatility and passion. Starting with a deep-rooted interest in indoor plant cultivation, I mastered the art of nurturing greenery in controlled environments. This practice not only requires a keen understanding of biological processes but also a strategic application of technology to create optimal growing conditions.

With a love for music that matches my passion for plants and tech, I ventured into the world of DJing. Mixing tracks and creating immersive auditory experiences, I have a knack for reading the room and setting the perfect vibe, whether it’s a small gathering or a large event.

Bridging Worlds: Technology and Imagination

My love for technology isn’t just about gadgets and gizmos; it’s about the way technology can transform our world and fuel our imaginations.

Much like the protagonists in my favorite sci-fi stories, I navigate the complexities of the modern world with a sense of wonder and a drive to innovate. Whether it’s through harnessing technology for better plant cultivation, spinning tracks as a DJ, or simply diving into the latest sci-fi novel, I am constantly exploring new frontiers.

Join the Journey

As I continue to explore and innovate, one thing is clear: this journey is far from over. There are always new technologies to discover, new stories to tell, and new experiences to create.

Stay connected with me to share in the wonders of technology, the magic of music, and the endless possibilities of imagination.